About Us

     Heritage Homes of Seward builds all throughout the Seward, Columbus and Lincoln areas. We design custom homes, clinics, banks, offices and schools and build them with the Heritage Off-site Construction system. We manage your entire project, from staking the site, to the final porches and driveways for a turn-key project, or sell you the home to be installed on your basement if you decide to do your own site work.
Building with Heritage Homes of Seward is the most efficient way to build because we combine the designing and pricing at the same time to get you a custom design at the right price. We can commit to an itemized firm price before the plans are even finalized so you know exactly what the final cost will be.
My method is to work closely with you to get all the details planned and the right price first, and then make it happen using the Heritage Building System. If you choose Heritage Homes of Seward, my crew and I will manage the site work, including dirt work, foundation, HVAC, plumbing, building the garage, and concrete flatwork while Heritage Homes builds the home. Generally it will be 60 to 90 days after finalizing your order before the home will be delivered. Our company will schedule a crane to set the home and do the connections and finish work on the home in a few weeks.

     I will make sure you get what was promised, every time, and appreciate when you refer us to your friends and neighbors. That’s how we operate our business and end up with friends that were once customers. ~Kyle Jensen

The Heritage Homes Off-Site Construction System